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Product Description Price
QUAD ESL 2805 Loudspeakers pair. Classique finish. With original Box and all original accessories, working perfectly (in store Brisbane) SOLD
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
Wiess DAC 2 Firewire good condition. $1790
Arcam FMJ A29 integrated amplifier black with box $1290
Arcam Alpha 7 CD Player with remote (Melbourne) $199
Arcam Arcam rPhono phono stage $690
Arcam FMJ A39 integrated amplifier - BLACK with box like new $2550
NEAT Iota bookshelf speakers Black with boxes $799
Audiolab 8000C pre with MM and MC phono, black finish. made in England (Melbourne) $499
Audiolab 8200P Power amp Black finish $899
Audiolab M-CDT  CD Transport, black finish $550
Boston acoustics Boston Acoustics M 350 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Pair Black boxed $1190
Styleaudio Carat HD1V USB DAC $99
Sound Reference KT120 Mono Tube Power Amp 120 watt per channel (pair) $3990
Sound Reference Turntable with Benz micro Ace cartridge $1590
Sound reference Floorstanding Speakers $990
Sound reference Sound reference 6H30-pi Tube linestage $1490
musical fidelity x-can V2 Headphone amp SOLD
Stello U2 USB/ SPDIF 24 / 96 Converter - connects PC to HI-FI $248
Stello EXIMUS CD 10 CD Player $3995
Stello HP 100 Headphone Pre $399
Heed Questar MC Phono Stage with power supply $399
Heed Quasar MC / MM Selectable Phono Stage with Q-PSU $899
Nordost Red Dawn LS - Speaker Cable 3m Spades to Banana Zplug current model boxed (Melbourne) $1099
Nordost Frey 2 - 4m Speaker Cable Spade to Spade pair current model $3990
Nordost Frey 2 - 2m RCA interconnect pair current model $2200
Nordost Tyr MK1 2m pair RCA interconnect in box SOLD
Nordost Nordost QX2 Two Field Generator Line Conditioner (Melbourne) $1795
Nordost Nordost Fut Premium Package Speaker Damper Kit (Set of 4) $1795
Nordost Nordost Speaker Damper Fut 4x (4x Single units) $1795
Nordost Nordost QRT | Qline Ground Wire 3m $395
NuForce Reference 9 se V3 Mono block amp pair boxed $1990
NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC with box SOLD
Thor PS10 Power Station Power Conditioner inc 8 socket smart board with box $799
Conrad Johnson PV 15 Valve Pre with box SOLD
Conrad Johnson CAV 45 V2 integrated tube amplifier $4990
NAIM PSC Power Supply (Melbourne) $399
NAIM NAP 200 Power Amp (SN 248XXX) (Melbourne) $2099
NAIM NAC 202 Pre Amp (SN 27XXXX) (Melbourne) $2499
NAIM NAC 202 Pre Amp (SN 35XXXX) (Brisbane) $2799
NAIM NAIT 5si Integrated Amp with box, manual, cables $1799
NAIM NAP 150x Power amp $799
NAIM NAIT XS MKII Amp with box, manual, cables SOLD
NAIM NAIT 5 CD Player with box $399
NAIM StageLine K phono $499
NAIM Naim Fraim Standard Equipment Support System (4x Shelf 1 x Base) Black $4499
NAIM Naim Fraim Standard Equipment Support System - Single Shelf Black $699
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
QUAD Elite QSP Stereo power amp (Melbourne) $1429
QUAD Elite CD-P CD Player( Melbourne) SOLD
QUAD Elite Pre (Melbourne) $999
QUAD 99 Series Pre Black (Melbourne) $499
Contan Tube Line Stage with new 6189 tube fitted   $498
JAS Audio Green Power Integrated 120. 120 watt amp Silver (no boxes) $499
JAS Audio Music 1.2 Valve CD Player recently serviced $399
JAS Audio Bravo 2.4SE; Gold Lion KT88  integrated tube amplifier SOLD
JAS Audio Bravo 2.3 6C33 integrated tube amplifier $1990
JAS Audio Array 2.1 805 Tube Power amp 50 watts Class A $2990
JAS Audio H-1 Hybrid EL 34 integrated amplifier 100 watts with box $990
JAS Audio Orior Bookshelves Italian Black Ash SOLD
Kef LS50 Bookshelves Speakers Piano Black $1350
Revel Performa f206 Floorstanders Piano Black $3690
Rotel RSP 1068 7.1 Sound Pre Amp $590
SMSL M6 Mini Dac $150

* These items have transferable warranty