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Product Description Price
QUAD ESL 2905 Loudspeakers pair. All original accessories, working perfectly (Melbourne). No boxes. $4999
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. With boxes. $3999
April Music  Eximus S1 amplifier $1800 
Cary Audio   CAD-300SEI 2 x 15W Single-Ended Class A Integrated Amplifier  $5990 
Audio Research Classic 60 Valve amplifier recently serviced with box SOLD 
Bluesound  Node 2 BluOS streamer white SOLD 
Audiovector M3 Signature Cherry Wood Floorstanding speakers. No boxes or accessories (Melbourne) $990
Audiolab Audiolab 8200M Monoblocks Pair with box (These are the 8200P in mono block form NOT the 250w 8200MB units) (melbourne) $1500
Styleaudio Carat HD1V USB DAC $99
Sound Reference KT120 Mono Tube Power Amp 120 watt per channel (pair) SOLD
Sound reference Floorstanding Speakers SOLD 
Sound reference Sound reference 6H30-pi Tube linestage $1490
McCormack RLD-1 Line stage inc MM phono box remote $1290
Bluesounds Powernode2 black $790
Harbeth SHL5 inc pedestal eucalypt finish SOLD
Rega RP3 Turntable with box Elyse MM cartridge like new SOLD
Stello HP 100 Headphone Pre $399
Vandersteen Model 2ce Sig Loudspeakers pedestals $1990
Vandersteen TREO (non CT model) Standard Walnut Loudspeakers, box SOLD
Vandersteen 3A sig Floorstander Loudspeakers current model $4400
Vandersteen TREO (Non CT model) Rosewood Finish Loudspeakers (Melbourne) $6000
Nordost Red Dawn Rev2 4m Speaker cable bananna to Bi-wired Bananna Flatline pair box (Melbourne) $1699
Nordost Red Dawn Rev2 Flatline interconnects 1m Boxed (Melbourne) $399
Nordost Nordost QX2 Two Field Generator Line Conditioner (Melbourne) $1795
Nordost Nordost QRT | Qline Ground Wire 3m $395
NAD C390 DD with BluOS 150 watts $1990
Conrad Johnson ET3 SE pre amp with High Gain phono includes box, remote 12 month warranty SOLD
Conrad Johnson ET3 Pre Amp (Melbourne) $3499
NAIM iSupply PSU (Melbourne) $299
Conrad Johnson HD3 USB DAC $1499 
NAIM NAP 150x Power amp with box, manual, cables SOLD 
NAIM NAIM SUPERNAIT with DAC with box, cables SOLD
NAIM CDX2 CD Player cables, Remote SOLD
NAIM Superuniti All in One Streamer DAC amp serviced with new display (SN 33XXXX)(Melbourne) $3999
QUAD QC-24 Pre.With Phono Card. Box. Lancaster Grey SOLD
QUAD QSP Stereo Power Amp with box $1999
QUAD Platinum Mono 180 Watts power amplifier. Single unit. Box. $2999
QUAD 909 140 watt Power amp SOLD
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
QUAD S5 Loudspeakers Piano Black with boxes $2499 
QUAD  Elite FM tuner  $499 
Contan Tube Line Stage with new 6189 tube fitted $398
EXPOSURE XM5 60watt integrated amplifier Vurrent Model Black $1990 
WEISS DAC 202 Firewire Black $3599
FINITE ELEMENTE Pagode Edition MK11 Platforms (pair) $2500
JAS Audio Array 2.1 805 Tube Power amp 50 watts Class A SOLD
JAS Audio H-1 Hybrid EL 34 integrated amplifier 100 watts with box $990
JAS Audio Oscar 2.5 way floorstanding speakers SOLD 

* These items have transferable warranty