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Product Description Price
QUAD ESL 2805 Loudspeakers pair. Classique finish. With origional Box and all origional accessories, working perfectly (in store Brisbane) $6499
QUAD 22L2 Loudspeaker pair piano black (Brisbane) SOLD
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
QUAD 99 Series 140 watt Mono Blocks Power Amp (pair) SOLD
Arcam T32  DAB+/FM Tuner $690
Arcam IR DAC in box $550
Arcam FMJ A28 Int amp - BLACK with box like new etc SOLD
Arcam FMJ C31 Pre amp -Silver $999
Audiolab 8200CD  OLED, black finish $790
Audiolab 8000M Mono Blocks, Made in England. black finish $600
Jasmine LP2.5 MM / MC Phono stage $749
THOR PS10 Smart Power Station in box LIKE NEW RRP $1800 SOLD
STAX Classic No.2 Headphones SRS3030 New Ear Pads boxed SOLD
Styleaudio Carat USB DAC HD1V $199
Sound Reference KT120 Mono Tube Power Amp 120 watt per channel (pair) $3990
Sound Reference EL34 Integrated tube amp SOLD
Sound reference Floorstanding Speakers $990
Sound reference Sound reference 6H30-pi Tube linestage $1490
musical fidelity x-can V2 Headphone amp $199
Stello U2 USB/ SPDIF 24 / 96 Converter - connects PC to HI-FI $248
Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor Loudspeakers (pair) Origional Conddition inc pedestals SOLD
Heybrook TT2 Turntable, Alphason silver tonearm “MCS”, linn Asaka cartridge. SOLD
Stello EXIMUS CD 10 CD Player $3995
Stello HP 100 Headphone Pre $399
Stello HP 100 Stereo $499
McCormack DNA250 With CJ Teflon Cap Modification  SOLD
Nordost 2m Shiva power cable in box (Melbourne) $300
Nordost 1.5m pair RCA Heimdall MK1 in box (Melbourne) $799
Nordost 3m pair Speaker cable Vahalla MK1 in box SOLD
Nordost 1.5m pair RCA ODIN MK1 in box $10900
Nordost 5m power cable ODIN MK1 in box $14900
Nordost 2m pair RCA interconnect Tyr MK1 in box SOLD
Nordost 1m RCA WBT pair interconnect Vahalla MKI in box $2499
Nordost 1.5m RCA WBT pair interconnect Vahalla MKI $2490
Mirage BPS 100EA SubWoofer SOLD
NAD M2 Direct Digital integrated amp 250 watts SOLD
NAD C356BEE int amp SOLD
NAD C740 receiver good working condition $299
Audio Innovations S500 Integrated Tube Amplifier including Phono SOLD
Vandersteen Model 2CE sig Loudspeakers inc stands $1590
Vandersteen Model 2CE MK2 sig Loudspeakers inc stands current model SOLD
Audio Research LS7 Tube line Stage (115Vac item with step down Transformer) $750
Audio Research LS2 Tube Line Stage Origional bx owners manual SOLD
Conrad Johnson PV15 Linestage $1499
Conrad Johnson Classic 60 stereo EL34 Tube amp $3500
NAIM Uniti all-in-one integrated amp 24/ 96 DAC version inc transport with box manuals remote etc $2499
NAIM NAP 250 MKII Power amp S/N 213793 $4400
NAIM CDX2 CD Player great condition plays flawlessly with manual remote etc S/N 201467 $2290
NAIM NAC 202 Pre Amp box remote current model (Melbourne) $2500
NAIM PSC Power Supply (Melbourne) $399
NAIM NAP 200 Power Amp (SN 341059) (Melbourne) $2499
NAIM Supernait MKII Amp (SN 409559 $5200
NAIM Supernait MKI Amp $3500
NAIM Highcap power supply $1290
Green Power Amp Inegrated Silver $350
Green Power CD Player Silver $350
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
QUAD 99 Series CDP2 CD Player with Digital Pre $499
Contan Tube Line Stage with new 6189 tube fitted   $498
JAS Audio Bravo 2.4SE; Gold Lion KT88  integrated tube amplifier SOLD
JAS Audio Bravo 2.4 KT88  integrated tube amplifier SOLD
JAS Audio Array 2.1 805 Tube Power amp 50 watts Class A with Sophia princess mesh 300B tubes SOLD
JAS Audio Oscar Floorstander 2.5 way Loudspeaker SOLD
JAS Audio Musik CD Player with valve tubes - current model $690
JAS Audio H-1 Hybrid EL34 valve integrated amp with remote $990
ATC Bookshelf Speakers paui SCM7 with boxes Cherry $1190
Rotel RDV 1045 DVD Player $399
Rotel RSP 1068 7.1 Sound Pre Amp $590
Ming Da A06 Tube Integrated Amp Current Model SOLD

* These items have transferable warranty